Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

Looking for the best gift ideas for 10 year old girls? Before you go shopping, know the girl who're you are buying for. Is she a sporty outdoor typeor a tomboy? Does she love reading, music, arts and crafts or playing games?Does she have any interest in jewellery, clothes or skin care? 
This article gives lots of ideas of popular gifts for all different types of girls. They've been grouped into different categories:  Arts and Crafts Gifts, Beauty and Jewellery Gifts, Stuff for School and Stationary, Electronic Gifts, Books, DVDs, Games and outdoor and sports toys.

Arts and Crafts Gifts (and Making)

Many 10 year old girls show an interest in jewelry making and there are some great kits out there. The Friendship bracelets kit featured below contains comes with 10 different colours of floss plus some beads and a book with really clear instructions on how to make several different types of bracelets. The book is published by Klutz and they do a range of similar books with different craft ideas which have very good reviews. I have also featured a book called "My Style Studio" by Klutz which enables you to trace and design your own fashions. 

The Crochet art kit teaches the basic of crochet and kids can make things including a coaster, handbag, place mat or trendy belt. It comes with a 14 page booklet and is a nice little project for rainy days. Other ideas include fashion design studios, make your own soap, perfume or lip balm,

Beauty and Jewellery Gifts

The Nail art book and nail paints contains six water-based, non-toxic, peel-off paints and a book with lots of different designs to try out. Great for 10 year old girls and maybe their mums to try out too. 
10 year old girls are starting to love jewellery. Some good simple jewellery ideas include charm bracelets and simple pendants. Check out a couple of ideas below. Or what about a jewellery box or jewellery tree. 
Preteen girls are also learning about taking care of their skin, hair and nails. There are some perfect first books to help with this. 

Stuff for School and Stationary

Obviously 10 year old girls spend a lot of their time at school so gifts that make them look cool at school are often appreciated. A new backpack is a good idea. It may be worth consulting with the 10 year old to check that you are sure what style and colour of bag she likes (there are a couple of ideas below) Other ideas for school include pencil cases, folders, and stationary. Funny shaped erasers, nice gel pens for their pencil cases, good writing paper are other possible choices. 
10 year old girls also quite often love keeping a diary so a nice journal is often a good choice. Get one with a lock.  Art stuff for drawing and nice pencils for doing homework is also another option for the arty girl. 

Electronic Gifts

If you have the money there are many electronic gifts that 10 year old girls will love. Laptops, netbooks, iphones, ipod and cameras are some ideas. 
The Kodak easyshare digitial camera below is a good choice for 10 year old girls. It's an easy to use point and click camera which is reasonably priced (so it's not too bad if it gets lost!!). It features a easyshare button so it's quick and easy to share photos on facebook and Youtube which girls will probably like to do as they get a bit older. 
If your looking to buy a special electronic gift an ipod


There are lots of good books for 10 year old girls. Jacqueline Wilson who's book, sleepovers is featured below is an extremely popular author with this age group. There are also lots of classic books for this age group including Harry Potter and the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Enid Blyton's Twins at St Clare's does use dated language but 10 year old girls will still love the stories about friendship, teachers, fitting in and midnight feasts. 


DVDs make nice gifts for 10 year olds and there are lots to choose from. Disney films such as Tangled are good choices. There are lots of classic films too including The Princess Bride and The Goonies. Films based on books often encouage children to read to. Think the Chronicles of Narnia or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 


Bananagrams is an addictive game that is great for the whole family of all ages. It's a face paced word game (much better than scrabble) that 10 year olds will love and have so much fun they are learning without realising it.
Classic games such as Monopoly are always a winner. 
Brainbox World is a quick fun memory game - another good learning one. You are given a card and have to memorise the facts and then answer questions. Each game is quick making it a good option for 10 year olds to play and learn. 

Outdoor and Sporty Toys

Many 10 year old girls love sports and outdoor activities. There are lots of sports toys that are suitable gift choices. Frisbees, pogo sticks or the Mookie Lolo Ball below are some ideas. If you want to buy a bigger gift, the Razor Spark Kick Scooter is a good choice for older children. Or what about and Electric scooter?